Shows on Netflix that Want Another Season

There are so many amazing shows on Netflix. Some of them are so binge-worthy that people have spent hours in a time, watching episode after episode. Netflix really has altered how people watch shows and movies, using an extraordinary amount of content on the touch of a button. That's 1 reason why parents may use an iPhone spy app to find out what their children are watching. One defect with Netflix, though, is that it has never been great at renewing its powerful shows after having a certain amount of seasons.

A few decades ago, Netflix started offering their very own original series, producing their own TV shows which are exclusively available in their video streaming support. It's a fantastic idea, till they decide that their shows aren't worth the amount of money it takes to produce them.

This happened with "Marco Polo," that an incredible Netflix initial, which was regrettably discontinued after just a handful of seasons. But Netflix has a lot of other shows that remain active or more for renewal -- here are 3 of these.

3 Shows on Netflix that Ought to Be Renewed


"Frontier" celebrities Jason Momoa, who was recently cast as aqua-man in DC's brand new "The Justice League" movie. He is most famous for its role he played with in "Game of Thrones."

"Frontier" is just a Netflix original, co-produced from Netflix and Discovery Channel (Canada) that recently released its second season. Both seasons were focused and great on the fur trade in North America during the 1700's. The 2nd season ended with a clear cliffhanger and a simple intro to a third season. But, whether we'll notice it happen has yet to be confirmed.

The Final Kingdom

That is just another show that recently finished its second season. It isn't just a Netflix original, but was produced by BBC. Netflix has been among the very well-known places to view it though, specially for us citizens using an iPhone spy app.

The show takes place in 9th century England. However, England does not exist because we know it today. As an alternative, the island has been split into several kingdoms, with the invading Vikings (called Danes) beginning additionally to decide on the British Coast.

"The Last Kingdom" is a tamer version of "Game of Thrones," based on historical realities.It's still another wonderful series that's unofficially been promised to renew. Supposedly the next season will come in overdue 2018.

The Punisher

This series has in fact been confirmed for one more season. Even the Marvel show has been a hit hit on Netflix, and after just one season, it seems sure that The Punisher won't end. It is a powerful, abusive show, so parents need to use an iPhone spy app to make sure their children do not watch it. However, also for adults, it's entertaining and interesting.

"The Punisher" is gritty and graphic, but it's a refreshing take on the typically friendly Marvel superheroes. Frank Castle has indeed been renewed for one more season, and audiences will probably anticipate watching the carnage that succeeds in the second season of "The Punisher." Hopefully, it will be released sometime in 2018.

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